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Fitness Assessments

Golf Fitness Exercises in Raleigh, NC

Golf is a game, but it can also be great for promoting a healthy lifestyle! At Dona Lerner Golf in Raleigh, NC, our beginner golf lessons are infused with a healthy dose of activity. Learning golf for kids or seniors is a great way to get outside and stay active, and the various golf exercises we perform will stay with you for life.

Golf Workouts and overall Fitness

As an experienced golf coach, Dona Lerner understands what it takes to be successful at golf. A healthy body should be a top priority for everyone, and Dona’s Golf fitness assessments can be a great positive influence on your physical health.

Learning golf should always be fun, and getting some exercise from a golf workout while improving your skills is great for children and adults alike. If you are interested in beginner golf lessons, call Dona Lerner, Raleigh’s nationally recognized golf coach, at 919.206.4666, or request an appointment online today!

Par4Sucess Golf Performance Center

Par4Success is a service centered, scientifically and results driven fitness and performance company in Raleigh, NC with a specialized focus in golf. While our speciality is golf, we work with athletes from all rotational sports as well as any one looking to improve their overall health or rehab from an injury.