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Golf Club Fitting

Many beginner golfers may not see the need for properly fitted golf clubs, but it is a very important aspect in the golf learning process. Much like a misfitted shoe would hinder a marathon runner or dancer, the wrong golf club can cause beginner golfers to learn improper techniques that will make the skill development journey less efficient.

As a professional golf coaches, the professional staff takes pride in tailoring their approach to every beginning golf player and every budget. When purchasing a custom golf club set, students are not required to purchase every club. Instead, the coaches will suggest the clubs they feel best suit the students needs. If you are interested in golf club fitting in Raleigh, NC, email  Dona Lerner Golf Academy today at practicetee@aol.com.

Custom Golf Clubs for Beginners

While the prospect of golf club fitting may seem expensive, having the correct club is an investment. Rather than learn improper techniques, custom fitted golf clubs can help you learn things correctly the first time around, saving you both time and money in the long run!

Once you have been fitted for golf clubs, it’s time to start learning! The staff at DLGA coaches beginner golf lessons in Raleigh, NC to kids, adults and seniors alike. If you, your children, or both want to learn golf, schedule an appointment by submitting the form at right!