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Adult Programs & Rates

Dona Lerner Golf Academy firmly believes that golf is a game that anyone can enjoy – given the right attitude and willingness to improve. Whether you are new to the game or are an experienced player looking to fine-tune a specific aspect of your game that needs work, we have plenty of options to help make you a better golfer. Our practice tee provides a non-threatening learning environment for adults in Raleigh and other areas in NC to improve their skill and enjoyment of golf.

Learn Golf From Dona Lerner, Kathy Bounds and Nick Zurowski - Professional Golf Coaches

Adults in Raleigh and other nearby locations can trust the passion and expertise of Dona Lerner, Kathy Bounds and Nick Zurowski to help identify the strengths of your personal play style and help improve on potential weaknesses. For more information on private and semi-private adult golf lessons, golf schools and more check out our rates below:

2-Hour Full Swing or Short Game School

How many times do you hit a great tee shot and still make a double bogey or worse?
Is the short game where you find a challenge?
Does the shot off the fairway leave you scratching your head?
Do you panic over a chip or pitch shot and choose the putter so as to limit the damage to your score? Bunkers…Do you do all you can to play away from them?
What is your pre-shot routine?…do you even have one?
Is your overall game pretty reliable but you would like to tighten things up a little?
If this sounds like you, then our 1-day or 2-hour schools are definitely going to help you improve your scores and your enjoyment of the game!

Contact Dona Lerner: practicetee@aol.com for details and schedules

LPGA Golf 101

LPGA Golf 101 is a group instruction program designed to be an overview of the game, how to swing, basic rules & etiquette and how to play on the course. It is perfect for the new or returning golfer or that casual golfer looking for the next step in skill and knowledge. 5 hours of instruction taught over 2 days (2.5 hours each day). Level 1 classes provided for the brand new golfer and Level 2 classes provided for the players that have completed Level1.
Students will need to attend all days of a session as each session is not taught identically based on skill sets of participants. Make-up classes will be offered only if weather conditions require a class to be canceled
$99 per person; Nick Zurowski Instructor - contact: nzurowskigolf@yahoo.com

2020 LPGA Golf 101 Schedule - To be updated


BLAST Motion

A class to help you understand putting metrics and a lesson to help you enhance  your putting skills. For Players 13 yrs and older and competitive golfers. The metrics sensor provide stroke time, tempo, stroke speed, stroke length, stroke rotation, changes, lie and loft.  The class is one hour of data collection and explanation and 30 minutes of private instruction ( scheduled separately) to focus on enhancing the students putting experience. A complete explanation of the metrics will be provided in this class so you can enhance your putting stroke by Nick Zurowski PGA BLAST Motion Certified.

2020 BLAST Motion Clinic - To be updated

Learn..Earn..and Play!

Open to all BCCC members and their invited guests! $25 per person, per class. Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes consisting of 1 hour of Instruction and then 15 minutes of competition on the topic(s) taught that day. Points will be given out for top 5 finishers in the competition (5,4,3,2,1).
Three sessions are offered and points will be tallied over all three sessions. Once complete, the top 6 points earners will play golf with Dona, Kathy or Nick on September 19 as our guests. Course TB

2020 LEP class dates - To be updated

Private Instruction:

Dona Lerner

  • 30-min $60, pkg of 3: $170
  • 45-min $85, pkg of 3: $245
  • 1-Hour $110, pkg of 3: $310
  • Jr Golfers Under 12: $50 1/2 hr
  • 4-hole playing lesson: $125(MBR)
  • 4-hole playing lesson: $145 (NM)

Kathy Bounds

  • 30-min $55, pkg of 3: $150
  • 45-min $75, pkg of 3: $210
  • 1-Hour $100, pkg of 3: $280
  • Jr Golfers Under 12: $45 1/2 hr
  • 4-hole playing lesson: $115(MBR)
  • 4-hole playing lesson: $135 (NM)

Nick Zurowski

  • 30-min $45, pkg of 3: $125
  • 45-min $70, pkg of 3: $195
  • 1-Hour $80, pkg of 3: $220
  • Jr Golfers Under 12: $35 1/2 hr
  • 4-hole playing lesson: $95(MBR)
  • 4-hole playing lesson: $115 (NM)

Dona Lerner Golf Academy is one of the leading golf training programs for adult golf students of all skill levels in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding locations in NC.