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DLGA 6 months old

Six months have passed since we joined the Brier Creek team and opened up the Academy at Brier Creek CC. Things started slowly, but that was Mother Nature’s doing. Once the weather cleared out and the sun began to shine, the players started practicing and playing and we started our journey. It has been both fun and exciting for us to meet so many new friends as we have thus far. The members have been so welcoming and have made us feel at home. Our non-member students have been made to feel welcome as well.  We want to thank everyone for their support and kindness as we become a true amenity of the country club’s offering. We now have a great equipment shed located just off the practice facility and will be enhancing that even more in the months to come. Stop by and say hi next time you are at the golf course. We are offering 2 & 3 hour schools for short game & full swing. Get Golf Ready classes for the newer players and those returning to the game. Youth golf is abundant and this season we even fielded a PGA Jr League Team of all Brier Creek CC members and they were runners up in their division.  Our private lessons have increased and we are so excited to work with members and non-members alike sharing knowledge & experience and helping to grow this great game. At the end of June we hosted the US Kids 2-Day Carolinas State Invitational with more than 135 players and thanks to the generous volunteerism of family, friends and Brier Creek members it was a huge success. Kathy, Paul & Dona are very happy with our new home. Our academy family grew when we added Paul to the team and now Paul has added one more with his new little golfer, Landon. Landon was born July 16th and Mother and son are awesome! We look forward to a wonderful late summer and fall golf season. If you need any help or guidance, please  never hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to assist you.

Keep swinging………………


The heat of summer has finally passed. It is time for most Golfers’ favorite playing season: Fall. It is the time of year when we begin to prepare for the Holiday Season. The time of the year when playing golf is so much fun because courses are in great condition and the temperatures are cooler for sure. It is a time to reflect on a summer golf season gone by. What parts of our games were terrific and what parts need some work. It’s a time when we begin that journey to improve over the “off season.” At the Academy we will offer Player Evaluations and offer guidance on game improvement strategies from September through March. September 27th & 28th we are so pleased to have LPGA Top 50 teacher, Golf Digest Top 100 Alumni and Massachusetts PGA top teacher, Jane Frost, come to Brier Creek CC and teach Aimpoint Express clinics. Anyone interested in participating can speak with Dona or Kathy. Don’t miss out on the best thing to ever happen to green reading in the history of the game. September 29th-October 1st Kathy & I will be taking a group of Brier Creek ladies on the Ladies Fall Classic golf trip to Pinehurst. We are really excited to bring this to our new family at Brier Creek. We have been hosting the classic for many years and it is such a great way for awesome ladies to get together, play golf, have fun and enjoy one another’s company. If you want to get to work on improving your golf swing and scores, let us know and we will help you to put together a plan to attain your goals.

-Keep Swinging, Dona Lerner

2014 DLGA Youth and Girls Banquet

Dona Lerner Golf Academy held the session ending Youth and Girls Banquet Sunday Oct 26. The banquet was held after the year end Parent Child Golf Championship. 38 teams participated in the golf event with over 200 people attending the awards banquet. Dona, Kathy and Paul were very proud to honor the accomplishment that the ~128 kids had achieved over the 2 sessions held from April to Oct of 2014 at Brier Creek Country Club. Early Starters received their medals, graduates were acknowledged, most improved golfers were honored, “Never Give Up” awards were celebrated, “Commitment to Excellence” winners were announced, and the Players of the Year were declared. With over 6 different skill levels being developed in the Academy this year, we were able to confirm that the future of golf is in very good hands. Thank you parents for allowing us to teach, mentor, and develop these young golfers within a sport that will build character, integrity, sportsmanship all while learning to play this great game. We plan for  new growth at the academy next year; but tonight it was just perfect

-Dona, Kathy and Paul

Fall…….the next golf season is here!

Fall…….the next golf season is here! It is time to set and attain your golf goals Fall is upon us and we are prepared to set wheels in motion for “Golf’s Next Season.” It is the season to improve and groove! At Dona Lerner Golf Academy we have the technology to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your current swing through the use of the Foresight Launch Monitor and video analysis. Many of you have heard of Trackman & Flight Scope. Foresight is another version of the same with the exception that Foresight uses an actual split second photo to gather data from your shots rather than Doppler radar. Learn about the factors that bring successes and the things that can help all players become more reliable and consistent when playing golf. We are prepared to offer  1-hour and 90-minute sessions  that will  include video analysis, launch monitor evaluation, equipment assessment (for compatibility) and a plan for desired improvement designed to take place in the “Next Season”…… November thru March. Kathy, Paul & Dona will utilize a team effort concept to help you to establish and attain your goals for the 2015 Spring Golf Season. We will help develop a strategy to develop and enhance your golf swings and lower scores. Fall is a time for change. Trees let go of their leaves and prepare for a fresh start in the spring. You as a golfer can discard bad habits, learn new, more dependable habits and become better players along the journey. Spring will be here in a very few months. Don’t delay…..get started on a better golf game today. Email us at: Practicetee@aol.com and together we will usher in a new season and a new golf experience.