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January 2018 Blog

Here we are once again at the beginning of yet another new golf season. Hopes and goals are lofty for our individual performances on the golf course. It has been cold and less than conducive for most to be outdoors practicing and playing. So how do we get our bodies, minds and swings ready to go out and both have fun and score?

Getting your body warm and stretched out is an essential part of performing in any set of conditions, but especially in cooler temperatures after a layoff of any kind. We are Happy to direct you to the best Golf Performance team on the East Coast, Par4Success for some guidance. We can also offer some basic guidance directly to those who prefer to keep working with one of our professionals.

Set some goals for yourself for the 1st part of the season, the next part which is much warmer than now and the very hot season that is just around the corner. Before we know it, we will all be right back here again next January. Why not have the most success possible between now and then?

Once we have goals, we can get with an instructor and chart a path towards them incorporating instruction, purposeful practice and on course stats tracking to help guide us along the journey. Everyone can improve. Everyone has the ability to hit the ball a little longer or a little straighter or a bit higher with the right information and guidance.

Welcome to the 2018 Golf Season; we are excited to be preparing for a wonderful, fun and exciting season at Dona Lerner Golf Academy located at Brier Creek CC in Raleigh, NC. Please join us for a class or a lesson. Get a club fitting or a fitness assessment. Enjoying your time on the golf course is not an accident. It takes a commitment of time and effort, but is well worth it when we hit that perfect shot or make that winning putt or shoot that all time low score.

Let us know how we can help…….Keep Swinging