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Fall…….the next golf season is here!

Fall…….the next golf season is here! It is time to set and attain your golf goals Fall is upon us and we are prepared to set wheels in motion for “Golf’s Next Season.” It is the season to improve and groove! At Dona Lerner Golf Academy we have the technology to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your current swing through the use of the Foresight Launch Monitor and video analysis. Many of you have heard of Trackman & Flight Scope. Foresight is another version of the same with the exception that Foresight uses an actual split second photo to gather data from your shots rather than Doppler radar. Learn about the factors that bring successes and the things that can help all players become more reliable and consistent when playing golf. We are prepared to offer  1-hour and 90-minute sessions  that will  include video analysis, launch monitor evaluation, equipment assessment (for compatibility) and a plan for desired improvement designed to take place in the “Next Season”…… November thru March. Kathy, Paul & Dona will utilize a team effort concept to help you to establish and attain your goals for the 2015 Spring Golf Season. We will help develop a strategy to develop and enhance your golf swings and lower scores. Fall is a time for change. Trees let go of their leaves and prepare for a fresh start in the spring. You as a golfer can discard bad habits, learn new, more dependable habits and become better players along the journey. Spring will be here in a very few months. Don’t delay…..get started on a better golf game today. Email us at: Practicetee@aol.com and together we will usher in a new season and a new golf experience.