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A New Year…A New Golf Season

A New Year…A New Golf Season; How will you prepare to play better in 2015? Each January many of us make resolutions. A low percentage of these are sustained or achieved for some reason. It is our goal to help our student base come up with “Solutions for 2015” that will get them closer to their ultimate golfing goals. In order to design a “solution,” we must first determine our “Why.” Why do we play golf? For some it is social, for others outdoor exercise, there are those who embrace the competitive nature of the game and for many it is just fun. Identify your personal “Why” and then we can take inventory of what is working well and what needs some enhancing. Once we have that list in place, we can then prioritize it and create strategies to attain better performance. It is essential that we never lose perspective and forget our “Why.” It can change and often does, but then so will our strategies for our “solutions.” Talk with your golf professional one-on-one about what you want from golf. Why you play and together you can develop a road map towards your goals. Keep it simple, attainable and fun. Goals can always be updated, challenges can always be added. The important thing is that each player is in control of their own golf destiny by choice. By making sure your goals are realistic, the solution to attain them should also be realistic. No matter what your “Why” is, always take in some deep breaths of fresh air, take notice of the beautiful surroundings and celebrate the little things each time you play. I assure you your time on the course or at the practice facility will be far more enjoyable. Keep Swinging