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Spring is just around the corner……….It just has to be!

We all get excited at the idea of spring because it means we will be back out on the golf course with our friends enjoying the great game of golf once again. After a winter as severe as ours has been, that is even more appealing than usual. But what have you done to prepare? When was the last time you hit balls, stretched, putted or even gave much thought to golf at all? For many of us the answer is “too long ago to remember.” So how can we fast track our preparation and get ready for spring and summer golf? Well, start with an individual golf lesson with a local LPGA or PGA professional to discuss your goals and begin the strategic plan that will help you attain those goals. Find a professional who has access to an indoor studio so you can get right to work. Re-evaluate your exercise and fitness goals from last season and get to work. It is not magic, it takes some commitment on your part but in a very short time you will be out there soaking in the warm air, enjoying your golf friends and admiring your greatness……… At the Dona Lerner Golf Academy we have numerous instruction programs available for players of all skill levels. Please go to the Golf Instruction Programs section of our web site to see what programs are available that fit your schedule and your needs. If there are children in your life, please remember March 22nd from 2-4:30pm we will be hosting our Annual Youth Golf Kickoff Event. It is a fabulous family-friendly day. Hope to see everyone.