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Leaves are Changing…Is your golf game ready for next season?

leaves changingThis is a very special time of the year to play golf. Days are shorter, but they are also cooler and the scenery is so beautiful with all of those changing leaves. It is the “next” season, are you and your game ready? It is definitely a great time of year to begin to set goals for the 2016 golf season. A great time of year to begin to work on those small changes that will bring large benefits. At Dona Lerner Golf Academy we are offering Get Golf Ready classes for the new, casual or returning golfer. We wil host AimPoint Express classes for those who wish to be better green readers and make more putts. We will meet with our Youth & Girls Golf program twice per month November through March just to keep everyone connected to the game. Kathy, Paul & Dona are all available for individual or group lessons by appointment. Let us help bring you into the “next season” with confidence. Our goal this fall is to enjoy every day possible, have fun with our students and help them all improve. We hope you will come out to Brier Creek Country Club and join in the fun in the fall sun! See you at the course!

Spring is just around the corner……….It just has to be!

We all get excited at the idea of spring because it means we will be back out on the golf course with our friends enjoying the great game of golf once again. After a winter as severe as ours has been, that is even more appealing than usual. But what have you done to prepare? When was the last time you hit balls, stretched, putted or even gave much thought to golf at all? For many of us the answer is “too long ago to remember.” So how can we fast track our preparation and get ready for spring and summer golf? Well, start with an individual golf lesson with a local LPGA or PGA professional to discuss your goals and begin the strategic plan that will help you attain those goals. Find a professional who has access to an indoor studio so you can get right to work. Re-evaluate your exercise and fitness goals from last season and get to work. It is not magic, it takes some commitment on your part but in a very short time you will be out there soaking in the warm air, enjoying your golf friends and admiring your greatness……… At the Dona Lerner Golf Academy we have numerous instruction programs available for players of all skill levels. Please go to the Golf Instruction Programs section of our web site to see what programs are available that fit your schedule and your needs. If there are children in your life, please remember March 22nd from 2-4:30pm we will be hosting our Annual Youth Golf Kickoff Event. It is a fabulous family-friendly day. Hope to see everyone.

A New Year…A New Golf Season

A New Year…A New Golf Season; How will you prepare to play better in 2015? Each January many of us make resolutions. A low percentage of these are sustained or achieved for some reason. It is our goal to help our student base come up with “Solutions for 2015” that will get them closer to their ultimate golfing goals. In order to design a “solution,” we must first determine our “Why.” Why do we play golf? For some it is social, for others outdoor exercise, there are those who embrace the competitive nature of the game and for many it is just fun. Identify your personal “Why” and then we can take inventory of what is working well and what needs some enhancing. Once we have that list in place, we can then prioritize it and create strategies to attain better performance. It is essential that we never lose perspective and forget our “Why.” It can change and often does, but then so will our strategies for our “solutions.” Talk with your golf professional one-on-one about what you want from golf. Why you play and together you can develop a road map towards your goals. Keep it simple, attainable and fun. Goals can always be updated, challenges can always be added. The important thing is that each player is in control of their own golf destiny by choice. By making sure your goals are realistic, the solution to attain them should also be realistic. No matter what your “Why” is, always take in some deep breaths of fresh air, take notice of the beautiful surroundings and celebrate the little things each time you play. I assure you your time on the course or at the practice facility will be far more enjoyable. Keep Swinging

Fall…….the next golf season is here!

Fall…….the next golf season is here! It is time to set and attain your golf goals Fall is upon us and we are prepared to set wheels in motion for “Golf’s Next Season.” It is the season to improve and groove! At Dona Lerner Golf Academy we have the technology to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your current swing through the use of the Foresight Launch Monitor and video analysis. Many of you have heard of Trackman & Flight Scope. Foresight is another version of the same with the exception that Foresight uses an actual split second photo to gather data from your shots rather than Doppler radar. Learn about the factors that bring successes and the things that can help all players become more reliable and consistent when playing golf. We are prepared to offer  1-hour and 90-minute sessions  that will  include video analysis, launch monitor evaluation, equipment assessment (for compatibility) and a plan for desired improvement designed to take place in the “Next Season”…… November thru March. Kathy, Paul & Dona will utilize a team effort concept to help you to establish and attain your goals for the 2015 Spring Golf Season. We will help develop a strategy to develop and enhance your golf swings and lower scores. Fall is a time for change. Trees let go of their leaves and prepare for a fresh start in the spring. You as a golfer can discard bad habits, learn new, more dependable habits and become better players along the journey. Spring will be here in a very few months. Don’t delay…..get started on a better golf game today. Email us at: Practicetee@aol.com and together we will usher in a new season and a new golf experience.

2014 DLGA Youth and Girls Banquet

Dona Lerner Golf Academy held the session ending Youth and Girls Banquet Sunday Oct 26. The banquet was held after the year end Parent Child Golf Championship. 38 teams participated in the golf event with over 200 people attending the awards banquet. Dona, Kathy and Paul were very proud to honor the accomplishment that the ~128 kids had achieved over the 2 sessions held from April to Oct of 2014 at Brier Creek Country Club. Early Starters received their medals, graduates were acknowledged, most improved golfers were honored, “Never Give Up” awards were celebrated, “Commitment to Excellence” winners were announced, and the Players of the Year were declared. With over 6 different skill levels being developed in the Academy this year, we were able to confirm that the future of golf is in very good hands. Thank you parents for allowing us to teach, mentor, and develop these young golfers within a sport that will build character, integrity, sportsmanship all while learning to play this great game. We plan for  new growth at the academy next year; but tonight it was just perfect
-Dona, Kathy and Paul
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